Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you happy with Who Farted?
A. As happy as I can be. I’m very critical of what I do.

Q. Why is your writing style so unusual?
A. Is it?

Q. Do you think your new book will be well received?
A. I like it.

Q. Who’s your target audience?
A. Young people. They need all the fucking help they can get.

Q. Your book doesn’t have an overall theme, was that intentional.
A. What’s a theme?

Q. What are you trying to communicate to your audience?
A. Life is a joke – laugh as much as possible.

Q. Would you consider your books to be self help books?
A. No. Most people are beyond help.

Q. What other writers do you admire?
A. I don’t read much.

Q. Do you consider your self a pessimist?
A. No, I consider myself a realist. Most people are assholes.

Q. Are you presently working on another book?
A. I just finished this one asshole. Give me break.

Q. Why did you name your new book “Who Farted.”
A. Because it implies the absurdity of everything.

Q. How do you approach your writing.
A. I approach my writing much like a painter approaches a canvas. With great fear.

Q. Do you believe in God?
A. Who?

Q. Do you think that the human race has a chance?
A. It will probably come in third.

Q. Should I go back to college and study modern literature?
A. No, stay stupid. You’ll be happier that way.